Myths & Facts about Public Assistance with the Cost of Nursing Home Care in North Carolina

March 15, 2019

My Prenuptial Agreement


Myth: My husband is in a long-term care (LTC) facility. He intends to apply for public assistance with the cost of care. Because we have a prenuptial agreement, my assets do not come into play in connection with his eligibility for assistance.

Fact: Prenuptial (and post-nuptial) agreements are disregarded for purposes of eligibility for public assistance with the cost of LTC.

- Wyles Johnson, Board Certified Elder Law Specialist

The rules applicable to Medicare and Medicaid long-term care benefits are exceedingly complex. White & Allen, P.A. is proud to offer an attorney who is a Board-Certified Specialist in Elder Law and experienced staff to navigate and advise you, your family and friends on all your Elder Law issues. Please call us at (252)-527-8000 or email If you would like to request more information concerning rights of the elderly living in North Carolina and special programs for them, please contact us for a complimentary information booklet entitled "Senior Citizens Handbook” published by Project Grace (Young Lawyers Division and Elder & Special Needs Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association).


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