Mother Earth Brewing Company

Trent Mooring

”John Marshall at White & Allen has been instrumental in getting Mother Earth started, dealing with many legal issues. John did a good bit of our intellectual property (IP) work in the early stages and then referred us to an IP specialist when that step was called for. It was especially important for us that we were able to protect our slogan, “Peace, Love and Beer.”

There really aren’t any legal questions that I can imagine we will have at Mother Earth that we can’t get answered at White & Allen and that includes real estate issues, where we have gotten consistent advice from Joe Bower. It’s just an awesome law firm.”

Mills Funeral Home

Shirley Mills

I worked with Ned Manning even before he joined White & Allen back in 2001. Now I use the firm for every legal issue I face. I appreciate many things about White & Allen but I am especially impressed with the accuracy of their work. My businesses require a great deal of legal documentation and every document produced by my legal team is complete and accurate. I am very detail oriented and both the lawyers I usually work with are extremely conscientious about the smallest detail.

Let me tell you, I lean on my lawyers, Ned and Gray Johnsey. If anything goes wrong in my businesses, or family financial affairs, I don't even try to fix it. I call on White & Allen and trust them to make it right.

The Edwardses

The Edwardses

James “Red” Edwards: In the beginning, I was looking for someone who could do the right things for Jim, me, the rest of the family, and for the company itself. It turned out that Matt Sullivan was that person.

There were times over the years when Matt Sullivan was almost like another son to me. Jim and I needed someone to be a friend to both of us, along with the excellent legal help.

Let me tell you, I am glad that I was on Matt’s team and that he was on mine. We have been through some tough times together.

Jim Edwards, Jr.: Matt Sullivan came to me early on, told me how we would proceed and that it was going to take a long time. He and his colleagues here at White & Allen did a great job of going through the evidence and getting the job done right.

Matt Sullivan: Jim’s recovery and positive attitude are a true testament to his character. There aren’t many people that could have accomplished what Jim has accomplished over the last six years.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards, Jr.
Matt Sullivan
Kinston, N.C.

Realo Discount Drugs


"White & Allen is particularly valuable to me because they are an excellent one-stop shop. They have a great lineup of specialty attorneys, all of whom are thorough and conscientious.

There has yet to be a question that I have asked them about my legal issues that they haven't answered correctly.

White & Allen has assisted in my profitability here by ensuring that the corporate structure and my involvement with it are to my best benefit. White & Allen has handled acquisitions, partnerships, and real estate issues for me and they could help with a speeding ticket if need be. They pretty much tell me what I can and can't do, and I listen."

Onslow Container Service

Al Hill

"I have worked with probably half of the lawyers at White & Allen and I consider all of them to be business partners. I can call on any of them day or night and they are immediately accessible. Furthermore, I have never gotten a bill from them that I thought was unreasonable. I believe they could handle just about any legal case that might ever affect us. I like the fact that they are all pretty much specialists in each of their own practice areas.

If you are a small business owner anywhere in Eastern North Carolina, White & Allen can certainly be an asset. There is little doubt they have helped us grow here at OCS. A big part of my company's growth can likely be traced to their guidance and suggestions."