Myths & Facts about Public Assistance with the Cost of Nursing Home Care in North Carolina

December 31, 2018

Myth: I need to go into long-term care (LTC). Medicare is my primary health insurance. Medicare will cover all expenses related to my LTC.


Fact: Traditional Medicare will pay for no more than 100 days of LTC costs. Assuming all requirements are met, Medicare guarantees 100% of LTC costs for the first 20 days of your stay in a skilled nursing facility. For days 21-100 of your stay, you are responsible for a daily co-pay of about $170 (in 2018), and Medicare picks up the balance. Most Medicare supplemental policies will cover the co-pay. Beyond day 100 of your stay, you must private pay for the cost of care, at an average monthly rate of $6,810 (in 2018). Private LTC insurance and VA benefits for wartime veterans may pay all or part of these costs. Special rules apply.


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